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FULL NAME: Republic Of Singapore
AREA : 682 sq km
POPULATION : 4,500,000
: Malay (National). Malay, Mandarin, Tamil and English are 4 official languages. Chinese and English are widely spoken and understood.
RELIGION : Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Taoism
CURRENCY : Singapore Dollars
EXCHANGE RATE : 1 USD ≈ S$1.20 (as of August 2012)
  1 Euro ≈ S$1.60 (as of August 2013)
ELECTRICITY : 220–240 V (some hotels are equipped with 110–120 V)
CLIMATE : Singapore has a warm and humid climate throughout the year with a daily average temperature range of 24oC to 31oC.
: No serious health problems recorded. Tap water is safe to drink.
SHOPPING MALLS: Daily open from 10:00hrs till 22:00hrs
TURKISH CONSULATE:2 Shenton Way, #10-03 SGX Centre, Singapore 068804 Tel: +65 6533 3390
ESSENTIALS – Passport and Visa

: Visitors to Singapore must hold a valid passport or travel Documents with a minimum validity six months beyond the Intended visiting period.

Visa requirements for different nationalities can be found at the bottom of this page.

G OODS & SERVICES TAX: 5% (up to 30 June 2007) / 7% (with effect from July 2007)
: Tourists can claim back the GST paid on purchases. Under the Global Refund GST Scheme, visit any store that displays the “TAX FREE SHOPPING” logo and follow these simple steps:
1) Spend a minimum of SGD 100 at any global Refund affiliated retailer.
2) Present your passport to the retailer to obtain a completed Global
Refund Cheque.
3) Get the cheques validated at the Singapore Customs counter at
Singapore Changi Aiport Terminal 1 or 2 as proof of export.
The goods purchased, along with the receipts and Global Refund
Cheques must be presented for verification.
4) Claim your GST refund in the form of cash, credit card, bank cheques
or Airport Shopping Vouchers at Global Refund counters in the airport.
A small handling fee will be deducted from the GST amount due
to you.


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