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Wild Rice

Address: 6 Ngo Thi Nham, Hanoi
Telephone : 04 3934 8896
Operating hours: 11:00–14:00; 18:00–22:30
Capacity: 48 paxs
Cuisine: French

The Wild Rice restaurant is one of the best options for French cuisine outside the high-end hotel in Hanoi. This is a room decorated in the style "art deco" in the residential area of town where the main hotels are located. It has 2 distinct plants: a lower offering essentially bar service, with different tables and sofas in the middle of sources and a more distended; prepared for a top restaurant, not very big but spacious enough to enjoy a dinner quiet and without much noise.

Wild Rice is a restaurant for a proper European standard but perhaps the most recommended under Vietnamese standards. It is a relaxed, well decorated and with a good service. French cuisine is different to other Orientals, in part because it marked its flavor, so it might not satisfy all palates, but to appreciate the Wild Rice is a good option.