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Putra Jaya & Agricultural Park

Tour Duration: 4-5 Hours
Location: Putra Jaya
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Enjoy a half day tour of Putrajaya - the spanking-new administrative capital of Malaysia. It is a model township that has been constructed with detailed planning, innovative urban design and great respect for the environment. Well managed wetlands and parks occupy 60% of its boundaries .Situated 40 Km south of Kuala Lumpur and right on the Multimedia Super Corridor, this elegant 21st century city is built on the newest concept of a "smart" city where every government agency, businesses and homes are “connected" via Information Technology (IT).

Enjoy a 45 minutes cruise on board a passenger boat (public cruise) and view the imposing Prime Minister's Office with its French & Islamic designs, the sprawling Prime Minister's residence, Putra Mosque - a unique peach coloured architectural masterpiece and stroll on one of its many magnificent yet graceful bridges to savour its picturesque lakes & greenery. Putrajaya also houses a huge convention center that looks like an alien spaceship which looks absolutely stunning when lit up at night.