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Langkawi Rainforest Explorer

Tour Duration: 3 Hrs 30 Min
Location: Langkawi island
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Take this golden opportunity to explore and track through Langkawi rain forest. Experience the variety of exotic plants and wild life of one of the oldest jungle in Malaysia. Our experienced nature guide will show you around the many species of trees with some of a height up to 70 meters. Jungle is all the art of possibility and you might encounters the many faunas and insects such as birds, butterflies and monkeys. Chances is that, if a you are lucky you might also see the flying lemur, mouse deer, wild boar ,civet cat or at least one of the 40 species of snakes located on  the island of Langkawi. However, please do note, sighting of wildlife in the tropical forest due to its density, if it does happen is a bonus.