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Half Day Mataram City Tour

Tour Duration: 4.5 Hours
Location Lombok island
Meals : -

Our trip begins with an approximately 20 minutes drive to the old town of Ampenan, where we can see the remains of colonial buildings and an old harbour that used to be the main gateway into the mainland of Lombok. In the past, this island was more known as Ampenan instead of Lombok Island.
Continuing from Ampenan we will follow the main road to the vicinity of Mataram, the capital city of West Nusa Tenggara Province. We will see several office buildings, banks, churches, mosques, temples, general hospital, and schools.
Remain on the same road we will get into Cakranegara, the present commercial town of Lombok, where shopping malls and department stores sell for the every day need of local people. This town is also known as the China Town of Lombok.

We will pay a visit to Mayura Royal Courtroom (1744), where we can see remarkable floating hall, royal house, as well as holy temples. It was the seat from where the Hindu Lords control the island during their power in the 17th century. Across the main road we can see the three highest teers of Meru Temple (1720). The teers represent for Brahma, Wisnu, and Civa, the three gods in Hindu Trinity.
The trip proceed to Narmada Summer Palace (1727), where we can see an artificial lake duplicated from the crater lake Segara Anak of Rinjani Volcano, beautiful gardens, and also a holy spring water known as the 'Water of Eternity'. On the highest level we can see a sacred temple called Pura Kalasa, where they make offerings for Civa. When the Hindu Lords became too old and they were not strong enough to do the mountain climbs up to Segara Anak Crater Lake annually for 'Pekelam Offering' (when they send valuables of gold and silver into the cater lake Segara Anak), they decided to build Narmada which resembels to the layout of Rinjani Volcano, and they did the
annual offerings here instead.
After Narmada, we will visit Suranadi, a montain resort with holy spring water, temples, and sacred eels. Hindu people frequently do offerings at Suranadi Temple and get the holy water back home for thier family shrines and other furification pourposes. The place is located on the side of forestation area and it's also becoming favourite holiday destination for the locals, and renowned for its fresh and clean air and tropical fruits.
Our last visit will be to Lingsar Temple (1714), the oldest and holiest temple of Lombok. This place is amongst the unique places on the island as it is also sacred to some moslems. There is a part of the temple complex they call 'Kemalik' where these moslem people pay visits for certain rituals. While the Hindus use the other part with holy temple called 'Pura Gaduh'. Though they believe in totally diffrent faith the people live and share togather harmoniuosly.
We, then, return to your hotel.

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