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Full day Perfume Pagoda

Tour Duration: 7 Hours
Location: 60km Southwest of Hanoi
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Meals: picnic lunch included

Perfume Pagoda is located 60km Southwest of Hanoi among lush paddy fields, limestone karst and picturesque villages, the Perfume Pagoda is the perfect one-day trip from Hanoi for nature lovers. Enjoy the scenic drive through the rich farming land of the Red River Delta, to one of northern Vietnam's holiest of sites.

On arrival join your private rowing boat for the relaxing hours' cruise down the Yen River, along the way stop at Den Trinh (pagoda of representation). The Perfume Pagoda is not just one pagoda but many shrines and temples built into a limestone hillside. The first of these is at the foot of Huong Tich Mountain, which means 'Mountain of Fragrant Traces'. From here, you'll disembark and follow a stone flagged path to Thien Tru, 'Pagoda Leading to Heaven'. This pagoda was built in the seventeenth century and dedicated to the goddess Quan Am, symbolically marking the start of the journey to 'heaven'.

Continue the walk uphill to Huong Tich Chu, 'Pagoda of the Perfumed Vestige'. The pagoda is one of the most important to the Mahayana Buddhists of Vietnam.

Note: As an option there is a cable car which can be taken instead of walking.

When you reach the top you will be rewarded with a fine view and an appetizing picnic lunch.

Following lunch, start the journey back down the mountain where your rowing boat will be waiting to take you back to your waiting vehicle.

Arrive in Hanoi in the late afternoon. (Not recommended mid-Jan - March, when the pagoda is extremely crowded with pilgrims and visitors).

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