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Singapore River Cruise

Tour Duration: 30 minutes
Location: Singapore
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In 1819, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles arrived in Singapore and established a British trading outpost. For more than a century afterward, the river was Singapore's main commercial lifeline and a centre for entrepot trade. Unfortunately, it also suffered problems with congestion and pollution. Ultimately, Singapore River is a story about change. It is about how a river contributed to the success of Singapore, but through misuse, became polluted. It is about how in a seemingly impossible task, this polluted waterway, result of abuse over more than a century and a half, was made so clean in a short span of ten years that marine life now thrive in it.

The Singapore River is also about old and new lifestyles. About how old-time riverine and quayside businesses have given way to exciting recreational activities such as al fresco dining, concerts and water-sports. It is also about the dynamism of the Golden Show business area versus the idyllic charm of the quays - the unusual juxtaposition of skyscrapers with the historic remnants of our old city fabric that has become so much associated with Singapore.
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