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City Tour

Tour Duration: 03 hours 30 min.
Operating hours: 08:30 – 17:00
Location: Chiang Mai
Visit and explore four revered remples in Chiangmai. All constructed during the lanna period, each reflects the glory, splendors and nobility of a rich historical era. In the West of the city lies Wat Suan Dok. Built by King Kuna, the large white chedi towers above the numerous small ones and contains the ashes of the lanna king and the remains of many generations of the old Chiangmai Royal family. A short distance from Suan Dok Gate (Western Gate) is WAT Phra Singh. First built during the reign of Phra Chao Kham Fu (1328-1335) the temple compound includes the Lai Kam Chapel and the abbot of this important temple is the head of the local religious administration. Lying smack in the heart of the city is Wat Chedi Luang. The large chedi behind the viharn was constructed by King Saen Muang Ma around 1401. A small building near the main entrance encloses the “Sao Intakin” (spirit of the city). Last but not least is Wat Chiang Mun. Lying in the Northen part of the old walled city, it is the oldest temple within the city walls. Constructed by King Mengrai (1296-1311) the founder of Chiangmai, it is said that the king spent his last years at this temple. Drive around the old city to see the most surrounding it and the ruins of the city gates. Then visit the largest central market, Worarot Market, alive with its daily hustle and bustle. Exotic fresh fruits, preserved food, local delicacies, clothes galore, flowers and other nick nacks.
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