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FULL NAME: Kingdom of Thailand
CAPITAL: Bangkok
AREA: 517,000 sq km
POPULATION : 67,000,000 (as of July,2010)
LANGUAGE: Thai (Official), Chinese and English are widely spoken
RELIGION: 95% Buddhist, 4% Muslim
CURRENCY : Thai Baht
EXCHANGE RATE : 1 USD = 30 Baht (as of January 2011)
CLIMATE : Thailand has a humid, tropical weather with three seasons.
- November to April - mild
- April to June - hot and humid
- June to November - rainy
HEALTH ISSUES : No serious health problems recorded.
Avoid drinking tap water
SHOPPING MALLS: Daily open from 10:00hrs till 22:00hrs
ESSENTIALS – Passport and Visa

: Visitors to Thailand must hold a valid passport or travel Documents with a minimum validity six months beyond the Intended visiting period.

Visa procedures for different nationalities can be found at the bottom of this page.

V.A.T. : 7%
TAX REFUND: As a tourist, you are not required to pay Value Added Tax (VAT) on items more than 5,000 Baht that you intend to take out of Thailand. Stores participating in the refund scheme display a sign stating: “VAT Refund for Tourists”. If you make a purchase from these stores, ask for a VAT Refund Form and keep the original tax invoice(s) a store gives you
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